The red cube is a creative audiovisual production company. We offer innovative and effective solutions for all types of audiovisual projects: advertising, branded content, narrative and corporate material.

Our Services

Video Production

Our audiovisual production company helps you with the entire process, from the conceptualization and creative development of the idea, to the production and post-production of any type of audiovisual project.

Professional Design

We are a creative production company made up of content creators and we work hand in hand with brands and agencies, to jointly develop the best audiovisual photography/video marketing strategy.

Advertising Photo

Our creative production company offers you a professional photography production, in addition to reaching the client easily, it will help your company improve its image and positioning, and will allow you to reinforce your brand.

What do we do

How do we do it

Best Filming Equipment

If you have any recording need, we put our staff and recording equipment at your disposal for the preparation of news, events, testimonial videos, corporate videos, etc.

18 Years of Experience

We have more than 18 years of experience in the professional field, all of which is always controlled and supervised by our most qualified technicians for each job, with experience in advertising, fiction, events and television programs.

Professional Editing

We have a wide range of formats from the main brands established in the market, we also have a wide variety of accessories to carry out any type of recording, such as: stabilizers, optics, tripods, LED lighting, fluorescence and HMI or equipment sound capture and recording, teleprompter